Week 1 – Art Experience: Plaster Casting

This week’s activity was plaster casting. To complete this task we needed to buy a box of plaster, a metal hand shovel, a bucket, and a stir stick. Before going out to the beach and doing this activity we had to watch and understand how to complete the activity. Once we were prepared we headed to Huntington Beach and found a nice spot not to far from the water. The first step was to dig a hole big enough to fit what you want to mold the plaster into. For me it was my hand, so I buried my hand in the hole to create a mold. After that, we mixed the plaster and stir it nicely to be ready to pour into the mold. Once it is dried, we took out the mold but it was not perfect like I’ve imagined it will be. The plaster dried up way too fast and did not fill up the mold of my fingers. Even so, this was a nice break from school and a fun activity to do.



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