Week 2 – Art Experience: Landscapes with a Corpse


This week’s activity was called “Landscapes with a Corpse”. The goal of this was to imagine your departure, and create a photographic self-portrait. The idea I had was to create the ideal departure where I die in my sleep. You might be wondering why I have fell down the stairs if I was asleep. The reason is that when I was little I was told that I would rarely sleep walked and it scared me because I could’ve died if I sleep walked down the stairs. I thought that this was an interesting art experience. It was hard to figure out how I wanted to die and have someone take a picture of me, but I understand how this is such a strong piece of art. It is crazy to think that one day I might not even wake up as I go to bed at night. To me, dying as I sleep would be as painless as it gets and it would not be a bad way to depart from life. Just thinking about death has me think of how I’ve affected people in my life. I hope that I had live my life to my fullest when I die, because one day I might not get another chance.






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