Week 3 – Classmate Conversation: Debbie Do

For week 3 of Art 110 we met at the art gallery where we had the chance to talk to and look at some of the featured artists and their work. As I was walking around and looking at the art, I came across Debbie if she did her classmate conversation yet and she said no. We both thought the deflated balloon wall was interesting and how it was made from shirt sleeves and so aesthetically pleasing. After discussing about the art, I got to know Debbie more and see that she is also a first year here at CSULB. She is currently undeclared, but leaning towards the Health Care. She also mentioned that she is in a sorority and that I should join a fraternity. I told her how I was about to join one but I did not take the bid because many people convinced me that it will take a lot of time and money. She told me I made a good choice but she said it also has some good perks which I can agree on. It was nice talking to Debbie and I look forward to having this class with her.



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