Week 4 – Artist Conversation: Elmer Guevara & Robert Nehemiah


Artist: Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah

Exhibition: Immaterial

Media: Fine Art: Paint, Wood, Canvas, Scrap

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: N/A

Instagram: Elmer Guevara  and  Robert Nehemiah

About the Artist 

Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah enrolled in the School of Arts for drawing and painting. They both have a passion in art and are upcoming graduates here at Cal State Long Beach. Elmer has always have a passion for art at a young age, and was influenced by his older cousins and friends. He was introduced to graffiti and paintings which he started and still is doing today. Furthermore, Robert did not pursue art at a young age. He wanted to be a firefighter as a paying job, but he was influenced from a course that changed his career path. Robert stopped pursuing to become a firefighter and began to pursue art. He likes to paint portraits of  significant people in his life, such as his family members and celebrities. Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah worked together to create the gallery called, “Immaterial”.

Formal Analysis/Content Analysis

Elmer Guevara’s style of art focuses on one person and visually present a portrait of the person. The paintings are painted on different materials like cardboard, wood, and tarp. The surface of the materials adds texture and a unique feel to the paintings because they are not nicely cut out. His paintings focuses on a person and a simple background. Elmer begins by having a interview with someone random on the street of South LA or downtown LA. His work would then symbolizes the person and their story. Similarly, Robert Nehemiah uses different materials and also focuses on a person. Robert said his goal is to make the different materials connect and mean something. Both artist wants to show the importance of the person they are painting, and use vibrant colors to make them eye catching.

My Experience

After having the chance to see the work and talk to the artist, I enjoyed the work they had displayed. The paintings has an LA feel to them and clean but abstract at the same time. I can see that both artists work well together with their similar styles. I really liked that I can get real close to the paintings and see the different materials used and the depth is certain pictures.


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