Week 4 – Art Activity: Art Care Package

For this week’s Art Activity, we were tasked to make an Art Care Package (ACP). I decided to make a care package for my friend that is going to UCI. I decided to send my friend some basic school supplies like pencils, paper, notebook, index cards, and a Supreme Sticker. It might not seem like a good care package, but now my friend can remember me when using these everyday school supplies.

Sending an ACP is much more meaningful than sending a Snapchat. The reason being is that ACPs are physical items that they can keep and remember you by, while Snapchats las a few seconds long and digital. Snapchats are also being used everyday so it won’t be as special as a care package sent personally to you. I think ephemera are interesting and have a story to them. Some ephemera can have personal meaning and no value while others can gain value over time because it shows rarity. Whats interesting is that something can mean a lot to someone and it may mean nothing to someone else. An ACP has more meaning because we understand and value time. The effort and time someone puts into something adds a lot of meaning even if it is not the best thing you have ever seen.

I agree that you can prepare a meal with love compared to getting food from McDonald’s. Preparing food for someone you care about shows that you put in time and effort to make them something that you did on your own. Similar to art, art that you painted for that someone will mean more to them because it is one of a kind piece. However, if you were to buy art then it does not show your time and effort so there is less love prepared.





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