Week 6 – Artist Conversation


Must Destroy, Wow
by Carmina Correa & Vanessa Olivarez
Watercolor on paper, 20×20″, 2017
School of Art, Long Beach State



“Godzilla sized dog wrecking havoc in the city of Long Beach”

“We are getting multiple reports of an appearance of a Godzilla attack!” exclaimed the reporter.

Helicopters and SWAT teams are rolling out to contain this massive attack on the city. This Shiba has gone mad and is destroying the city with his laser eyes and ear deafening bark. Helicopters are swarming the Shiba like it was straight out of a movie. With one bark he could knock the air attacks back causing them to crash into each other and buildings. This attack seemed unstoppable as he moves closer and knocking buildings down at ease.

In the distance, we see a man on top of a building as he yelled out to his dog. The man had a stab wound which was cause by another person earlier that day. The man yelled and jumped towards the dog without hesitation. The dog got down and protected him from all of the attacks and buildings crumbling down.

The man told his dog that it is okay and that he knows the dog was just mad because a human hurt his owner. As the man comforts the dog and tells him he is a good boy he began to shrink and return to normal. The city was back to normal the next day and they lived happily ever after. That is the story of the Shiba that had hidden powers and no consequences on the destruction of the city because this is how fantasies work.



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