Week 8 – Art Activity: Finger Painting

This week’s art activity was finger painting. We were given a task to paint with our fingers and to just “feel” the paint. I enjoyed this week’s art activity and thought this art experience was my favorite so far. I went and got supplies at the Art Supply Warehouse on Westminster Ave to select my paint and paper. At first it was hard to start since the poster was so blank and I did not want to mess up. I decided to dip each of my finger into each color and just start painting with my fingers. It was a nice feeling to just paint and make a mess. After some time, I decided to put the paint I had left on my plate onto the paper and smeared it around thinking that it would look good but turns out to be a big blob which was lame. My hand was a mess covered in paint so I decided to add my hand print on it which is why there is a random hand at the top right. I could not leave it like that, so I decided that I could draw some roses on the blob like it was a bush of roses. This turned out pretty well and I was happy with the results.





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