Week 9 – Artist Conversation: Vanessa Olivarez

Artist: Vanessa Olivarez

Exhibition: Tender

Media: Ceramics, Glass, Mixed-Media, Installation

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: N/A

Instagram: @tokioni

About the Artist 

Vanessa Olivarez is an undergraduate student here at Cal State Long Beach. She is planning on graduating May 2017 with a degree in sculpture. After she graduates, she plans to work at the Getty and have a small pop up gallery in her apartment. Vanessa plans to collaborate with her roommate on this exhibit and be able to show it off to visitors. She is always interested in art and film. That interests is why she made the exhibit I saw here today, she wanted to create a safe space for people.

Formal Analysis/Content Analysis

As I walked into the exhibit, I noticed it had an eerie feel to it with the music and displays. Vanessa created the exhibit to illustrate a safe space and to feel isolated. She wanted the viewers to feel lonely but also being in a crowded room. She believes that we are glued to technology to find pleasure, but really it is to fill a void. There was a display with words in the room and she mentioned that it is a poem she wrote. The room was comforting because it isolated me from other things but also creepy at the same time with the sounds and images.

My Experience

In conclusion, I did enjoy the exhibit but did not really like the feel of it when I was inside. I like that it is dark and has nice colors. It felt like alot of things were going on in the room but I feel like I was suppose to just stand there and feel the room. It was a cool experience for sure with the lights, hologram, and words. Vanessa created a gallery where we can feel isolated even with many people in the room.




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