Week 10 – Art Activity: The Wedge


For this week’s art activity, we were given a task to change a part of CSULB where a “wedge” occurred. The first thing that came up to mind was the one I encountered everyday going to school, the infamous “USU Wedge”. It is pretty interesting see this happen everyday just for people to save a few steps on their way to class.

My proposal to redesign this while keeping the structural look, is to basically move the whole structure (pillars, bench, wall, etc) more to the left of the picture and to connect the pillar you see in the picture with the bench to create a type of fence while still keeping the purpose of the bench. Down below is a sketch I drew of how it might look like. If we provide two gaps for the students, the problem of the wedge will be gone because the people entering will use on side while the people leaving will use the other side.









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