Week 12 – Artist Conversation: Travis Lober



Artist: Travis Lober

Exhibition: Work: It’s A Four Letter Word

Media: Wood, Print-making

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist 

Travis Lober is currently attending CSULB as a senior and is majoring in print making and working for his Bachelors in Fine Arts. His first route was actually to major in graphic design because he was accepted into the program at CSULB. He later found out that he enjoyed print making more after taking a class on it and so he switched majors. He mentions that he had enjoyed art ever since he was a little boy and was also influenced by his family. Before going to college he was a construction worker which can be seen in his style of art and tools.

Formal Analysis/Content Analysis

The gallery had a clear theme of wood and tools and the art flowed throughout. The title of the exhibit was Work: It’s A Four Letter Word and it was inspired by his construction job before getting into art. He states that his old job and his passion for art can be similar. He has to create and construct the artwork with tools and by hand. Because he was passionate about tools, the exhibit really shows his feelings for art and tools. This gallery took him about three years to finish and he is proud of it.

My Experience

In conclusion, I enjoyed this week’s gallery by Travis. He incorporated what he was passionate about and expressed himself with the art. It was interesting to know that he started off as a construction worker who is now creating art that leaves traces of his past. The wood and frames explains that he is not just an artist but likes to use his hands and tools. It was nice talking to Travis and I wish him the best.


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