Week 12 – Art Activity: Ethnography

For this week’s Art Activity, we were to spend a night without electricity which was pretty hard since I am so used to using electronics. I started by just sitting in my room and thought about school, myself, and plans I had for this week. There was little to do because I was so accustomed to technology that I now have nothing to do. Since I could not sleep yet, I decided to take a walk outside and just enjoy the air. Though there was light and what not from the city, I still counted this because I did not use electricity and I could do something other than being on my phone or computer. Soon after, I went home and just slept since there was nothing to do. This week’s experience was pretty difficult in terms of being myself since I could not use any technology. I was fairly bored and ended up sleeping most of it away, but I was glad I could take a step away from technology.



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